T-shirt Review: Grammar Police from SnorgTees

T-shirt Review from Write-Best, I image used in this article is from Snortees.com

I have shopped quite a few animal tees for my kiddos and this site never disappoints me as I always found tees for the themes I was looking for. Considering the good experience, I ordered the “Grammar Police” tees for the very important vacation organized by our club.

Thank you Snorg Tees for the unisex option available and must say the tees are perfectly designed for men as well as women. I ordered regular tees for me (L) and my husband (2XL), a tank top for my daughter (M), a hoodie for my elder son (L-he wanted to look different :p) and a kid size t-shirt for my younger kiddo (S).

I have particularly mentioned the sizes; as my family wears all sizes starting from S-2XL and it becomes really difficult to find the same tee in all sizes, but guess what we did find and our family rocked at the trekking spot! The tees are comfortable, right in size and most importantly it suited the trekking vacation.

I am highly satisfied with the quality of the material, as it is purely cotton and not a mixture with polyester; which made it comfortable and soothing while climbing the hills. It did not make sweat patches- I was worried of which the most! I was anxious until, I got the delivery and was finally relaxed to open the package as the tees had the exact color and the print like displayed on the site.

Yes, I was concerned because my family was allotted Navy blue color at our club and my kids were very particular about it (To win the title of best dressed family). So thank you Snorg Tees, for the exact color, perfect size & good quality tees and I really appreciate the timely delivery as stated in the site; well that as always been the case, so I never worry about that. Looking forward for more purchases at your site.   

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