Life Is Good Company Believes That This Virus Cannot Kill Optimism

For Life is good t-shirt company, the name values more than just a slogan. At its core, life is good company is a merchandise manufacturer that prints “Life is good” on its products.

Since its inception, “life is good” is the main ethos of the company.

Impact Of Covid19 On Life Is Good Company

2020 is one of the worst years for the majority of businesses due to COVID19. When the pandemic hits the company, the founders of the company (two brothers Bert and John Jacobs) met the top leadership of the company. According to them, despite being a highly optimistic company, certain things like business closure, layoffs, and bankruptcies can be deteriorating for them. 

COVID19 is nothing like they’ve ever faced. They didn’t have a new design idea to print on t-shirts, but the leadership requested to give them 48 hours to come up to a conclusion.

Recalls from the Memory

Post 9/11, life became gloomy for the people. 9/11 disheartened the Americans. Life wasn’t as good for them. However, they launched a t-shirt with the USA flag on it. The idea succeeded, and they donated the money made from those t-shirts to the charity. It gave a strong gesture to their consumers, and their customer base expanded.

After the Boston Marathon bombing, the t-shirt launched at that time is still their best-seller. The profit generated from the sales again went to charity. 

The story of the birth of Life is a good company that sounds like a fairy tale. After graduating from college, the co-founders started selling t-shirts. They would travel in the van and sell their t-shirts wherever they found a crowd.

After spending 5 years selling t-shirts, they realized that it’s time to return to their home. They came with $78 and threw a party to their friends and gathered suggestions from their friends for new designs. They showed their designs to their friends and asked them for suggestions. One friend drew a circle around design with “this guy’s life got figured out” written on it. They went with that design, and it turned out a success.

That was the beginning of Life Is Good Company. According to Jacob, their ideas don’t truly belong to them. However, they’re lucky to have “life is good” registered against their name. 

They live, and breather ‘life is good.’

What’s New?

Even the pandemic couldn’t shatter their optimism, and the workers requested to keep the business going on with safety precautions.

Jacob told that each working station is 10 feet away from the other one. It’s been 3 months they’re working like this without having any coronavirus case.

They have created new designs with the messages, including “stay calm, stay cool, stay home.”

According to Jacob, they’re lucky to have a rationally optimistic community. The company has customers who know that there are hurdles & imperfections in life. However, life is still good.

Meta Description:

Life is good is not just a slogan but more than that. It’s been more 25 years now; this slogan is an ethos for a company.

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