What Tee Buffet is all about!

What we are all about….I post t-shirt from all around the internet, funny t-shirts, offensive, crazy, insane you name it. Some shirt I create on my own. Visit our website, read our post, share and sub to our website…www.teebuffet.com

Currently we are in to process of creating more shirt for you to purchase or share…We also post political shirts, hobby shirts, and movie/band shirts with a link back to the original page for you to purchase, checkout, or share with your friends and family. We also have an facebook page where we post our shirts. We have had the facebook page for about a few years now. In the future we will also have a email mailing list that people can subscribe to for further updates regarding our T-shirts and blog post.

We do have a youtube channel where we post a variety of videos T-shirt and non-T-Shirt related. I will post the link on this page soon. Sometimes we will post other things like stickers, tote bags, hats and other items that are funny, offensive and the like….Thank You

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