Starbucks Reverses Course, Will Let Staff Wear Black Lives Matter T-shirts

On Friday, Starbucks, overruling its company policy preventing employees from promoting any political cause while they were on the job, announced that its employees were allowed to wear any item (including T-shirts) in support of the Black Lives Matter.

The company even went on to announce that, in partnership with its Black Partner Network, it was going to send out over 250,000 T-shirts to its employees. Until it delivered the clothes, its employees, including baristas, were allowed to wear any T-shirt and pins, which showed support for the efforts of the Black Lives Matter.

While announcing the new t-shirt policy, Starbucks said it trusts that its employees, also called ‘partners,’ would “do what’s right” and not fail to realize that the company was a “welcoming third place” where everyone gets treated with dignity and respect.

Earlier, before the policy change, Starbucks had announced it was going to close down 400 of its stores and open another 300 over the next 18 months and one year, respectively. The emphasis of the new locations is on pickup and mobile orders.

At the beginning of the week and prior to both announcements, the social media reacted negatively to the company’s employee dress code policies. The former policy discouraged employees from wearing any accessories or shirts that advocated personal, political, or religious cause. Until the change, only Starbucks-supplied accessories were to be worn by its employees.

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