BLACK SABBATH Is Selling ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-Shirts

About a week ago, Tom Morello posted a photo of himself in a parody shirt. Morello is a guitarist for the Rock band, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE. The T-shirt he wore in the photo read “Black Lives Matter” and was styled in the same iconic font as BLACK SABBATH’s “Masters of Reality.”

The renowned rock band BLACK SABBATH obviously saw it as an opportunity worth taking advantage of and have released their limited edition version of the same design.

According to them, 100% of the net proceeds of the shirts which are available for pre-order will go to the Black Lives Matter global network foundation. The shirts cost $25 and will be shipped around July 14.

Their sale of T-shirts adds to the increasing number of metal and rock musicians who have made it know they support the ongoing protests across the country, resulting from the killing of George Floyd.

Floyd was killed on May 25 after by a Minneapolis police officer.  Floyd was unarmed and had restricted before being pinned to the ground by the officer with a knee to Floyd’s neck for nearly nine minutes.

Protests began following the murder at the hands of the white police officer, and the Black Lives Matter movement has, once again, gone mainstream. Protests and calls to address racism have erupted in different continents, including Europe.

A similar event in 2013 led to the birth of the movement. This time, another George (George Zimmerman), a white man, was acquitted after shooting Trayvon Martin (a black teen) to death. The movement, pioneered by Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi, has regained attention following Floyd’s death.

While the movement is protesting racism and injustice to blacks, some people seem to be mocking it using a counterargument labeled as “All Lives Matter.”

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