An Essential Guide to T-Shirts

From the plain, prints and patterns, to crewnecks and V necks, the T-shirt may be a simple garment, but it is a staple of any modern-day wardrobe. The true originality of the T-shirt is that it was one of the first items of slip-on clothing. The reasons why the T-shirt enjoys enduring popularity are simple; they are functional, comfortable, useful for all seasons and there are so many styles to choose from!

There are a few garments in the wardrobe that you should have plenty of: underwear, socks, and T-shirts. Plain T’s are the bread and butter for everyday wear. Patterns and textured styles add a touch of originality and class, whilst printed T-shirts allow you to stay on trend whilst asserting your unique interests and alternative coolness! Ultimately, whatever your clothing collection, a strong variety of T-shirts are essential starting points for creating the rest of your look.

So, what do you need? Here’s a quick style-guide to help you decide…

Plain: An invaluable wardrobe filler! Great for lightweight comfort and daily wear. There are a huge range of options in this category including the classic crewneck and V neck styles. Choose from high-quality slim and relaxed fits or consider raglan sleeves for added freedom of movement.

Pattern: Stripes, polka dots, florals and more! When it comes to pattern designs, you will always be spoiled for choice. Patterned T’s are a great way to break up the impassable block of an otherwise plain outfit. This is a timeless option that can be constantly updated to display the zeitgeist.

Print: Sharpen your look with emblazoned logos, sports team badges, abstract designs and funny quips. Printed T-shirts offer the ability to explicitly communicate something through your clothing. Express yourself by adorning your various interests, whether that’s sports, music or entertainment!

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